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I am insane... therefore... I must be an artist!

blood, bubbles, both need water and life to exist.

Nicky's Rantings and Ravings.
19 April
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I've done a few blogs before, this one I'm using pretty much as me. If I post something here or in the RP communities I'm in it's as me, not one of my characters. I'm into the macabre, as well as true crime and fantasy. my writings here will probably be mostly my fanfics, and my ramblings on real life. Hope it's at least interesting.

Sorry for any badly written smut you see here. I really can't write it.

So you know, if you want to play with any of these characters (biteme_teaseme, bloodandbubble, bristol_clan, burned1smother, exeter_david, notabelmont, notquietapixie, perfectedweapon, ruined_god, stars_medic, techybow, zance_leapd ) just msg me and we can figure something out.